The Women Entrepreneurs
Finance Initiative

The Zambia Women Entrepreneurs Finance Initiative (We-Fi) seeks to unlock the potential of women entrepreneurs in Zambia. It is funded by the World Bank.

Linkages to Financial Institutions

Ensuring program participants are ‘investible’ prospects for financial institutions.

Expanding Networks

Establishing lasting business partnerships among entrepreneurs.

Providing Mentors

Giving new business professionals access to consistent guidance and resources.

Capacity Building

Developing and strengthening women entrepreneurs.

About Us

Providing financial services to over 1000 women entrepreneurs in Zambia.

Zambia We-Fi spans these themes by combining A2F, movable asset-based lending and fintech policy advisory with capacity building for women entrepreneurs. Zambia We Fi program will consider formal women-led SMEs (WSMEs) with more than 5 employees for support under the project.


Explore What We Offer

The program will provide the following services for at least 1,000 participants.

Through quality financial management training and business education, enable WSMEs to pursue enterprise growth and creditworthiness.

Support access to financial products and services. Ensure that program participants are ‘investible’ prospects for financial institutions, qualifying to access financial services.

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Supporting women entrepreneurs in their businesses by providing sound financial advice.

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Zambia We-Fi  Program

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