Increasing operational efficiency, productivity enhancement and value addition promotion

Our support to the food industry and agricultural sector goes beyond technical advisory services to include assessments and advisory services on issues of food security, safety and nutrition; market and trade facilitation; agricultural policy research and analytics; and research and promotion of ICTs in agriculture.

We understand the sector business to business relationships, mechanisms for increasing operational efficiency, productivity enhancement and value addition promotion. Herewith some specific services offered.

Our Services

Food industry

include Agri-processing development and commercialization, food industry audits – value chains scooping/analysis, food systems planning, commercialization and industrialization, and investments promotion.

Agriculture Support Services

This involves technical aspects of agriculture such as livestock, aquaculture, crop management, farm development, and mechanization services. Collaborating with the business and financial services team, it promotes agribusiness services and solutions in production inputs and outputs market design, marketing support, general agricultural marketing, commodity brokerage, and green-field project development for aquaculture, crops, and livestock.

Research Services

include tailored business and commodity research services provision in cost of production studies; commercial and economic viability assessments, baseline surveys and feasibility studies; food and agricultural market intelligence analytics.

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